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Sorry, the glider has been sold!

After many years' enjoyable flying, my Discus 2b was sold. This is the perfect package for someone who wants to be competitive in standard class or just wants a comfortable, modern glider with a safety cockpit and 'unbreakable' handling.

Basic Data:

  • Discus 2b ('b' indicates the wider-cockpit version)
  • Serial No. 8 (manufactured 1998)
  • 1164 hours
  • 372 landings
  • Tinted canopy
  • Tail tank
Discus 2b
Discus Instrument Panel


  • Cambridge 302 Vario + IGC logger
  • Win Pilot (iPaq PDA)
  • Garmin II GPS
  • Oz-Flarm (not pictured)
  • Dittel Radio (10 memories)
  • Mountain High EDS Oxygen (built in to lower panel)
  • Borgelt B40 Backup vario
  • ASI
  • Altimeter
  • Outside temperature
  • panel-mounted ventilator
Every instrument except the radio has its own independent backup battery and there are 3 main batteries.


  • Cobra Trailer
  • Full metal construction
  • Hydraulic ramp - no lifiting required, ever
  • Tail ramp option
  • Overrun brakes
  • Parking brake (surprisingly effective)
  • Solar ventilator
  • Trailer registered in NSW - doesn't require annual inspections
Cobra Trailer
Glider Ground Towing

Equipment Included:

  • Parachutes Australia Parachute (10 years old, unlimited life)
  • EPIRB (attached to parachute)
  • Cobra tow-out Gear
  • Cobra tripod wing stand
  • Water ballast fitting (for tail)
  • Battery Fighter 4-stage battery charger for 2 batteries
  • 2 main batteries
  • Tail battery (not connected)
  • Bucket, chamois
Everything you need to take to a camp or competition and be ready to fly right away.


  • Class: Standard Class
  • Ballast Capacity: 200 Litres
  • Maximum all-up weight: 525kg
  • Wing area: 10.0m2
  • Approved for limited aerobatics.
  • This glider was used to set 5 Australian speed records, two of which still stand.
  • Pilot weight range: 75-110kg (with tail battery installed)
Cobra Trailer
Michael Sommer in Grand Prix


  • Purchased by Miles Gore-Brown to fly in 1998 World Championships in Bayreuth
  • All options installed by Schemmp-Hirth factory
  • Instruments and wiring by factory
  • Used to set 5 Australian speed records
  • Purchased by Morgan Sandercock and Mick Webster in 2004
  • Current varios installed
  • Flown in 2007 Australian Grand Prix by Michael Sommer (open class world champion)

Delivery Options

  • Glider has been sold.
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